Top 5 Tuesday #21: Top 5 Funniest Characters

Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah and this week’s topic is Top 5 Funniest Characters, I always just pick the 5 first things that come to mind without thinking too much and these were the first 5 that came to mind this time:

Image result for glokta the blade itself
Glokta (The Blade Itself)

Image result for moog kings of the wyld
Moog (King of the Wylds)

Image result for shatter me kenji
Kenji (Shatter Me)

Image result for jesper six of crows
Jesper (Six of Crows)

Image result for hercule poirot drawing
Hercule Poirot


  1. Hercule Poirot? What has he done to be so funny apart from being only slightly eccentric? 🙂 Oh, I think I know! – he helped to send those evil people to jail or to their death for their so evil deeds.

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  2. I think Marvin – the depressed robot in Hitchiker’s guide is hilarious!
    There are lots of hilarious characters who I love from the discworld series too😊

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