The Last Seance Review

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E-ARC, 400 Pages
Short Stories/ Supernatural/ Mystery
By: Agatha Christie
Rating: 🌟🌟 (DNF)

🌟 This review will be shorter than usual because I obviously DNF the book, I read 5 short stories (20% of the book) but enjoyed none of them enough to continue the book.

🌟 Now Agatha is one of my favorite authors and most of the books I read by her were 4 or 5 stars for me. The lady was a genius and I am always amused by her books and how she thought and analyzed the human psychology! You may also know that I am not a fan of short stories because they tend to be under-developed and not satisfying. writing them may be harder than writing a full novel. So maybe I should have skipped this one but I could not resist something new by the Queen!

🌟 They marketed this as some of the stories never published before by the author and I now know why! Maybe Agatha thought they were not good enough to be published and thus there was a good reason not to do so. I could hardly believe they were written by Agatha.

🌟 I am not going to write thoughts on each story because one of the GR review does that perfectly and because they were 1 and 2 star reads for me so no need to roast them. I am just used to excellent books by Agatha and this was her weakest book so far.

🌟 Summary: I am going to pretend this book does not exist and maybe it should have been better left unpublished. Agtha’s brilliance lies in how real and relate-able her stories were and this was the complete opposite.

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