Sorcery of Thorns Review

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Hardcover, 456 Pages
YA/ Fantasy
By: Margaret Rogerson
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œKnowledge always has the potential to be dangerous. It is a more powerful weapon than any sword or spell.”

🌟 I do believe in second chances and I give every author 2 chances before deciding that their style is or isn’t for me. I did not like Margaret’s debut AEoR and I predicted that its rating will decrease upon its release and that really happened. It has an average rating of 3.66 now. But enough about that book because it was a standalone and a debut and I could tell the author had more potential and turns out I am right!

🌟 This one felt like a love letter to all the bookworms out there! It takes place in libraries and there are living books and bookworms and magic and everything that book fans will relate to. I think that was very smart of the author because this setting is one that all book fans will be comfortable with and like. She’s also smart because her covers were designed by Charlie Bowater, a very great artist whose art is getting more recognition every day!

🌟 I am not going to keep mentioning AEoR, but I am going to say that this was much better. The writing, characters, world building and plot all were heaps better. The writing was much more dynamic in this one and not boring. There was a mix of beautiful prose and banter and seriousness.

β€œIt was always wise to be polite to books, whether or not they could hear you.”

🌟 The characters were well written, Elizabeth was great and the whole library thing gave her Belle (from Beauty and the Beast )vibes, Nathaniel was interesting too and the romance was slow and made sense. The secondary characters were all well written too.

🌟 The world was not very complicated for a fantasy book but it was intriguing. As I said above, who does not want to read about magical libraries and living books and grimoires and demons!

🌟 The pacing was somewhere in the middle leaning more toward fast pacing, I do remember a lot of things happening. I think the book could have been a bit shorter because some parts were too stretched out and boring. But overall, I was enjoying it!

β€œWhen terrible things have happened to you, sometimes the promise of something good can be just as frightening.”

🌟 Summary: This was definitely better than the author’s debut! If you did not like the first book then this is worth giving a chance. I think it is a bit over-hyped but still enjoyable. There was great improvement of the author’s writing abilities and that’s why I am generous with my rating! If the idea of a magical library sounds fancy for you, then I do recommend this one!


  1. I haven’t tried her debut book but I’ve read some really positive reviews on Sorcery of Thorns and can’t wait to try it in Oct! Lovely review ❀ Jen

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  2. I had never heard of Margaret Rogerson before today! 😱 and I TOTALLY AGREE!! I too am wary of hating or falling in love with an author just on the basis of one book. Sometimes they prove to be the complete opposite in their later works. It’s both relieving and terrifying, to be honest! 🀣🀣🀣 And THAT QUOTE ABOUT BEING POLITE TO BOOKS! And it takes place in libraries!? DAMN I AM IN LOOVEEE WITH THIS BOOK ALREADY!! 😍😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️ I looove the way your review is constructed, Hamad…very neat and thorough! + your blog is really impressive..LOVED IT! 😍😍

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  3. Happy to! 😊😊
    And I WILL! 🀣🀣 How can I ignore the book after SUCH ENTHUSIASM!?!🀣🀣🀣😊


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