October TBR

🌟 I was not planning to make an October TBR since at the end of the month I have my Medical License Exam that I have been preparing for the last month and this month. I will not go for an ambitious TBR and will try to read when I can. I am making it a small one so that I don’t stress over it!

1- The Rithmatist

Image result for the rithmatist

2- Forward Collection

Image result for forward collection blake crouch

3- Crimson Flower

Image result for crimson flower book

4- Solace Lost

Image result for solace lost

5- Thunderhead

Image result for thunderhead

6- The Color of Magic

7- The Graveyard Book

Image result for the graveyard book

8- Priory of the Orange Tree

Image result for priory of the orange tree

🌟 So guys, if you are reading this wish me luck, both in finishing this TBR but mostly in my exam and have a great October all 😀


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