Top 5 Tuesday #23: Top 5 Self Published Novels

Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah , this week is a free topic and I want to use this chance and do Top 5 self published novels because I wanted to do this for the longest time!

I am really impressed by self published books. Some of these books are on my favorite shelf and I gave them high ratings which I don’t usually do. I think the idea that one author pulling this alone (or at least leading them team) makes it more awesome! I think traditional publishing makes authors fit into a mold that self published authors do not have to commit to thus unleashing more creativity and staying away from the tropes and drama. I am keeping this short and giving you those 5 books right now!

Image result for senlin ascends

I may be cheating with this one because this is traditionally published now. But I knew the book from back in the day when it was self published and I like it.

Image result for watching glass shatter

One of my favorite contemporaries and I relate to this one on a whole different level, the family drama in this one was amazing!

Image result for never die rob hayes

An awesome standalone fantasy that shows fantasy books do not have to be huge to be awesome! I can’t recommend this enough for fans of the Japanese culture!

Image result for solace lost

One of the darkest fantasy books that I ever read, maybe the darkest to be honest! This is not your typical fantasy read and grimdark fantasy fans MUST read this one.

Image result for sword of kaigen

Another Epic fantasy standalone that is mind blowing and one of the books that every fantasy fans should read! This had everything and was full of action and great characters. GO AND READ THIS ONE NOW!!!!

These were my top 5 self published books, what are yours?


  1. Reviews are easier to follow up when you leave a link to the author’s website. And indeed, stand alone fantasies just seem to catch on faster then series. Especially with self published writers: you never know if the author will not go “blob” in the middle of it. Usually the first part is written so that it can be read as a stand alone, but this rarely accounts for the next parts. I know because I’m writing on a series of five books and about to publish part 3. The sales are miserable.

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  2. Ahh I am sorry to hear that!
    It is just self published books overall are underhyped and overshadowed by traditionally published ones! I think reviewers should be encouraged to read more of those as there are hidden gems there and no shame in reading them!

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