The Rithmatist Review

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Paperback, 380 Pages
YA/ Fantasy
By: Brandon Sanderson
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œ… everyone knows that ice cream is worth the trouble of being cold. Like all things virtuous, you have to suffer to gain the reward.”

🌟 It has been a while since I read a Sanderson book and I was really in the mood to read one. This is currently the only book in this series so I decided to jump in since it was not huge.

🌟 This is one of Sanderson’s YA books and although the characters and writing were indeed YA, I felt it could be enjoyed by readers from all different age groups from MG to adult readers.

🌟 what is the book about? The book takes place in a school of rithmatical magic where students learn how to use chalk drawings to make geometrical shapes and creatures to attack and defend, the goal to defend an island full of creatures but actually, that is not the focus of this book, maybe future ones. In this book, top students start to disappear from the school and Joel, the MC is obsessed with Rithmatists but is not one of them. He decides to investigate this to prove himself as he thinks he is the right candidate to do so being safe without magic.

🌟 The writing was easy to follow and that’s why I said it can be enjoyed by everyone. There are technical magic terms but the book explains everything from scratch (pun intended) and as a reader, I found myself so engrossed as usual in Sanderson’s magical system. I do not know where does he gets his ideas from!!!

β€œJoel, lad, school is about learning to learn. If you don’t practice studying things you don’t like, then you’ll have a very hard time in life.”

🌟 The magical system involves lines and circles and drawings and there are illustrations explaining everything. My nerd heart rejoiced because the MC is so good at math and they talk about the importance of it -trust me it is not boring- and then the system keeps expanding and when the students were given theoretical questions and situations, I found myself thinking with them and was so impressed by the possibilities. I even started imagining new scenarios in my mind because the system was so well explained.

Image result for the rithmatist

🌟 The characters did act their age and I like it when they do that. Children are simply children and I hate when they are precocious and woke more than they are supposed to be. I am not underestimating them but also I am saying that the fate of the world does not have to fall on their shoulders. There was a cast of really well-written characters and I think I will remember them until I read the next book whenever it comes out! I like how the book tackled some important issues like the importance of learning and bullying which are logical things to be found in a school setting.

🌟 The pacing was fast which is my favorite thing, I think this helps me read faster and I finished this in less than 2 days. I am getting used to adult fantasy’s slower pacing but it is great to read a fast-paced story from time to time.

β€œThe most dangerous kind of man is not the one who spent his youth shoving others around. That kind of man gets lazy, and is often too content with his life to be truly dangerous. The man who spent his youth being shoved around, however … When that man gets a little power and authority, he often uses it to become a tyrant on par with the worst warlords in history.”

🌟 Bottom Line (Pun intended): A fast-paced story with great magical system, well-fleshed character and easy writing for readers of all ages. I think that anyone who loves unique magical systems will love this book!

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