Bloom Review

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Ebook, 368 Pages
Graphic Novel/ YA/ LGBT
By: Kevin Panetta/ Savanna Ganucheau
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

🌟 My last couple of reviews were huge so this review is going to be cute and fluffy, just like this book!

🌟 I suffered to get a copy of this book because I really wanted to read it! I am not disappointed but not impressed either. Those graphic novels are all becoming the same: Check, Heartstopper, Fence. They all involve 2 guys with a too fluffy, too fast relationships because the books are short for something meaningful!

🌟 They sometimes involve a breakup for a short time and then they get back to each other quickly! I liked 2 things about this one though: The colors used are some of my favorite hue which is blue/green.

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🌟 At one point one of the characters is being a dick and the other character is like “Hakuna your Tatas sister and don’t blame me for this”, well he did not exactly say that but the idea is that this is one of the first times I see this in a novel and I think it should be a more prevalent occurrence!

🌟 Summary: I think this was okay, a fast read that is a bit too cute for my own taste and that I think I read before in other graphic novels! The food and cooking made me hungry and it did not take a huge effort to read this so I am not complaining… much. If you feel you will like this, maybe check it out from the library.

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  1. I seen this around and definitely associate it with the word “adorable”. I would like to try it out as I love the colour palette and I haven’t read any graphic novels so hopefully it won’t feel too familiar for me. 😊 Great review!!

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