More Happy Than Not Review

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Ebook, 300 Pages
YA/ Contemporary/ LGBT
By: Adam Silvera
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

“Happiness shouldn’t be this hard.”

🌟 By reading this book I have read all of Adam released books and even unreleased ones (Infinity Son), I did not start with this one for no particular reason and then I did not know if I wanted to read it because I kept hearing mixed opinions: It is Adam’s best book or it is Adam’s worst book. I like to consider myself a reasonable human and I like to look at things from all aspects which explains the 3 stars I expected to give this. I understand those mixed reviews very well now and I will try to explain it in this review.

🌟 Let’s start with the writing, I do not have a problem with Adam’s prose -I mean I read all of his books- and this book just confirmed my thoughts that Adam is far better in writing contemporaries than fantasy (More on that later). I do not think there is anything special in his writing but it is not bad at all and it is not boring, his books can catch my interest from start to finish.

🌟 I did not relate to any of the characters, I did not dislike them but also was not a fan of them. Would I take a bullet for any of them? (Drama alert) No, I would not! And this explains the emotions that readers felt or did not, the characters go through a lot and if you care about them then it is definitely a dark book and can be depressing and if you don’t care about them then it would not have much of an impact! Also Adam usually writes characters based on himself and so I felt the characters were not new to me and were shadows of characters I already read in his other books.

“The boy with no direction taught me something unforgettable: happiness comes again if you let it.”

🌟 The world building is not a thing that I usually talk a lot about in reviewing contemporaries because usually they are set in our world. I think I have a problem with Adam’s world building or lack of world building to be precise, the Leteo procedure which is a main thing is not well explained in this book and we get glimpses of how it affects the world. But the problem is that Adam usually wants us to take information for granted and not to ask many questions which is opposite to my style (Compare it to the amazing world building in Scythe and how all details were covered), this is also apparent in his “They Both Die at the End” book where the calls were never explained and his Infinity Son book that almost has zero world building!

🌟 The pacing is fast because the book is not big, it is only 300 pages long and can even be read in one day. I was not happy with the plot at first and was angry at some points and my initial rating was 2 stars. I plead guilty in that I was hasty in my judgement because it turned out that it was done that way for a reason and I liked how things started to make more sense after a certain point. I still think that the book have some problematic aspects that I won’t divulge, but you can ask me about them in private because I don’t want to start any drama here!

🌟 Summary and Prescription: This is Adam’s debut and it felt like one, I would probably have liked it more if I read it earlier but I can not just ignore some of the things it had! The writing was good, the characters were okay and the world building was lacking. I know what the author was trying to say: We can not choose our sexuality and we need to find a way to be happy in life! I think that this is the last book I read by Adam given that he will write more in the Infinity Son series and I am not interested in that, I am also reading less YA now and don’t know how will my book taste be in a few years. To end this I have a message to the author and his books:

“I’m more happy than not.
Don’t forget me.”

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