Top 3 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Other Book Bloggers Tag

I was tagged for this by Mim Inkling a while ago and I am finally doing it! Check out Mim’s blog for unique tags and posts, thanks for tagging me!

Why did you decide to start a book blog, and what do you get out of it?

I actually started it because I wanted a space to talk about books other than GR, I also use this as a diary for saving important events in my life and sharing them with my online friends. I may be posting some medical content next year! who knows!

But the truth is that I got much more than that and I discovered many great people through this!

How do you keep up with reading all the posts? Do you keep up with it?

I almost save an hour daily for my blog where I schedule posts and blog hop, I try to check my reader everyday, if I liked the post that means I saw it quickly and liked it, if I comment then I have read all of it and trying to say something positive. I almost do that everyday unless I am very tired and want to sleep as I do this at night.

Do you have a favourite review you’ve written?

I can’t think of one only, but some reviews I give more effort and are more fun when writing such as Ninth house, Solace Lost and The Night circus reviews of mine.

As usual, I am too lazy and too anxious to tag anyone, so feel free to do this and ask whoever you want 3 questions you are interested to know the answer of!


  1. Awesome answers and I’m the same when it comes to reading all the posts! XD I like them when I read them and when I really enjoyed them I’m trying my best to comment. It’s the reason why some people might get a like and a few hours later a comment accompanying that like. *lol* I don’t have all too much spare time but I make it for the people and blogs I like.

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  2. Sometimes I like a post but I don’t comment (though I try too) if I’m tired or lazy (haha) or if I feel like I have nothing to say! I also try to comment back on bloggers who commented on my post! I appreciate it and often times I find some awesome content! School keeps me from being to dedicate a lot of time for blog hopping but when I do I make sure I have tons of fun!

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