Top 5 Tuesday #29: TOP 5 SURPRISING READS OF 2019!

Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah , TOP 5 SURPRISING READS OF 2019! Surprising for me does not mean good, it can be surprisingly bad and so I will leave the rating of each of this books and you will be able to discover which kind of surprise it was for me.

1 star

34510711. sy475
2 stars

4 stars

32200595. sy475
5 stars

5 stars

What are your top 5 surprises of 2019?


  1. Lovely list! I’m dead set on reading Scythe finally 😀 Especially since i just read Dry by the same author and it was pretty awesome. I guess that would be one of my surprises for 2019!
    Another one would be Secret History by Donna Tartt. Tried to read that in 2011 but for some reason i didn’t like it then.

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  2. Shame about infinity son- I like Silvera, but it sounded a bit samey to me, so didn’t pick it up and now I’m just hearing lukewarm things about it. Glad to hear you liked scythe and conjuring of light!

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