Bloody Rose

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Paperback, 544 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ Humor
By: Nicholas Eames
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œYou didn’t get to be the villain of one story, she supposed, unless you were the hero of another.”

Kings of the Wyld β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… 1/2
Bloody Rose β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

🌟 I think the fans have been split about the decision about which book in this series is better, is it King of the Wyld (I am in this group) or Bloody Rose. The thing that I think both groups agree on is that both books were great and the difference is not that huge enjoyment wise.

🌟 The writing was quite different in this one compared to KoTW, the writing was more serious here but we still have moments of humor and I think this made this book closer to the rest of adult fantasy books rather than the unique tone it had in book 1. The prose is still enjoyable and I am hard to please when it comes to laughing but this book made me laugh a few times and I consider that a success. Book 1 had a kind of silly humor that I liked, the timing of the humor in this one, however, was sometimes inappropriate because one character is saying something emotional and meaningful and another one interrupts with a joke or whatever which ruins the moment for me. This happened a couple of time but it is not like it stopped me from reading this one.

🌟 Now let me tell you something funny I told Fadi (Who BR this with me), I thought the band in book 1 was a group of old men who had t,heir glory back in the day and for a reason I don’t know I thought that this one was about a bunch of Lesbian girls who are going on a quest. Fadi told me that that gives a whole new meaning to the “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” on the cover. Fortunately (or not?) it was a typical group of girls and guys including some LGBT characters.

β€œThe world is big, the young are restless, and girls just want to have fun.”

🌟 Now a little bit more about the characters, I thought that book 1 provided something new with the crew, rather than being young chiseled brooding heroes, we had old silly men who all have problems and it was refreshing. The cast in this one, although it was good, it was a typical crew. The introduction of characters in book 1 gradually was more enjoyable for me and allowed me to connect with each character as they were introduced. In this book it is the opposite of that, we start with the whole crew who Tam joins and then retrogradely we get some backstories. Those backstories made Cura and Brune more fleshed out and Cura was already my favorite and this just help cement that. Tam as the main character is a choice I am still questioning because nothing was special about her and I thought the MC was going to be Bloody Rose and she kind of was indirectly! I just prefer the characters in book 1 for some reason and when some of those made a come back in this book, I was most excited about that (And still enjoyed them more in book 1).

🌟 The plot starts as a small request to kill a huge dragon and then basically turns into one of the plots of GoT! Initially, the plot may seem simple but it soon develops to something more complex than that! I can’t say much about this because this is spoiler-free. I just love the fact that each book works as a standalone and that author reminds us of what happened in book 1, so even if you don’t remember much from book 1, I think it is safe to jump into this one.

🌟 The pacing was average to fast and I finished this in a relatively short time. The world-building is not much different from book 1, it has many different creatures and sub-plots expanding it along the way.

β€œDeath or glory,” she said. β€œDeath or glory,” they echoed. β€œBut preferably glory,”

🌟 Summary: Bloody Rose was a good book that is good for the fans of books with bands and mercenaries. There is a whole cast of new characters with good pacing and some humor. some feel book 1 is better and some think this one is, you have to try to find out but nonetheless, I enjoyed both!


  1. I loved this so much, and I almost liked the characters in Bloody Rose more than the ones in Kings of the Wyld. Freecloud!!


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