Top 5 Tuesday #30: TOP 5 BOOKS I DIDN’T GET TO IN 2019!

Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah , This week topic is  TOP 5 BOOKS I DIDN’T GET TO IN 2019. I hope I do get to them in 2020!

Image result for heroes of olympus

I have been meaning something by Rick Riordan for ages now! I will always be thankful for him for getting me back to reading 4 years ago!


This was recommended strongly by a couple of close friends and I can not say no to that!


My cousin recommended this one and I have never heard of it before that but apparently it is a famous one in the adult fantasy world!

186074. sx318

Next year! I promise!

12065807. sy475

I will start this series early next year! I have been in the mood to read all Brandon’s books this year!

What are your top 5 books that you didn’t get to this year?


  1. I need to read some Rick Riordan because I’ve heard such good things about his books and he seems really nice too!!
    I read The Lies of Locke Lamora and really loved it!! It was really clever and the characters felt really human. Also for once the plot didn’t feel like it was made to suit them like in some fantasies which I really appreciated!! I can’t wait to carry on with the series and I really hope you love it!

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  2. Haha. I know. I have copies of all of them. Hard to get through all the ARCs to get to the books I have bought. My first year reviewing, so I am going to have to figure out how to balance that out. I am incredibly excited about Sword of Kaigen.

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