Top 5 Tuesday #32: Top 5 reading changes (2019)

Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah , This week topic is a freebie and since 2019 is coming to an end, I am going to tell you about the changes in my reading life for this year!

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The biggest change for me this year is changing into adult fantasy. I am slowly transitioning into this genre and I have been enjoying reading more now! My average rating has been increasing lately too! It was a bit over-whelming at first because I felt there was a ton of books I need to read but I am more oriented now. I am really thankful for the adult-fantasy community which have been very welcoming although I am one of the youngest members in it. Thanks from the bottom of my heart ❤

I have been getting used to slow-paced books more and more and that is a result of reading adult-fantasy books which can be very long and slow-paced. I think this is a great thing and it made me enjoy more books outside the genre too!

I took a 2-months break earlier this year prior to graduating to focus on my studies! I always used to say that it is okay to take a break but now I think it is important to take a break so that you don’t burn out and to have the motivation to go on! That break also made me learn not to focus on stats, I really don’t know how many views I have this year on my blog, I don’t check it for days now even and when I do, I just want to see how to improve my blogging experience and enjoy it more!

I like doing monthly TBRs because I read better when I know what to expect. I can choose a book depending on the mood. I won’t stop doing TBRs next year but I will not full each month’s list. I am going to leave a space for reading a random book or taking a break. I will try this in January and see how it works!

I have no more ARCs to read. I finished all ARCs I have and have not requested any in months. If I want to read one, I request it at the time and start it immediately, I don’t like to have a stack of ARCs because as cool as it sounds to have ARCs, it was a huge source of stress for me! I also accepted the fact that I am an INTL reader and that it is hard for publishers to send me books, I don’t request any physical books now and I don’t think I will for the time-being. I will have a good job next year and I can buy the books I want and support the authors/ publishers I like as much as possible!

What are your top 5 bookish changes for this year?


  1. Great list! Always good to take a break from blogging occasionally, I did during the summer. The biggest change for me was reading more dystopia, developing a love of historical fiction, and attending bookish events.

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  2. Love this list, now you’ve made me want to sit down and see what my reading changes were this year! I will always do a monthly TBR, it keeps me focused, but I never worry about straying off the path😁

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