Bookish Heavenly Virtues Tag!

Those book tags where there are a few interesting questions are my favorite! I am thankful for The Orangutan Librarian for tagging me. Check out her answers and blog!

CHASTITY: Which author/book/series you wish you had never read?

Image result for carry on book
Rainbow Rowell in general

TEMPERANCE: Which book/series did you find so good, that you didn’t want to read it all at once, and you read it in doses just to make the pleasure last longer?

I can’t actually answer this because I don’t binge read series anymore and I read them with months in-between. Also if I start a book, I tend to finish it quick because I would lose interest otherwise!

CHARITY: Which book/series/author do you tirelessly push to others, telling them about it or even giving away spare copies bought for that reason?

Image result for the sword of kaigen
Go and read this one

DILIGENCE: Which series/author you follow no matter what happens and how long you have to wait?

Image result for six of crows and crooked kingdom
Book 3 Woohoo

PATIENCE: Is there an author/book/series you’ve read that improved with time the most, starting out unpromising, but ultimately proving rewarding?

Related image

KINDNESS: Which fictitious character would you consider your role-model in the hassle of everyday life?

Image result for hermione granger
My first book crush!

HUMILITY: Which book/series/author do you find most under-rated?

42732016. sy475

That was fun and if you like it, I am tagging YOU! Happy reading all 😀


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