January TBR

I am going to continue doing monthly TBRs but they are going to be shorter with more free time to read whatever I want to! I already read 4 books and started the 5th so actually this may look long but it is only 6 books long.

1- Brief Answers to the Big Questions


2- Metamorphosis

1058052. sy475

3- Murder is Easy


4- The Secret

52529. sx318

5- The Bard’s blade


6- The Fifth Season (The Book Clinic choice)

Image result for the fifth season

7- The Shadow Saint

Image result for the shadow saint

8- Shadowblack

Image result for shadowblack

9- Shakspeare Burning

47676851. sy475

10- Clockwork Prince

Image result for clockwork prince


  1. These all look like substantial reads. I hope you do well with this TBR! I’m a mood reader so monthly reading lists don’t work for me, but I wish they did! Hope you enjoy Clockwork Prince 🙂

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  2. Looks good. I couldn’t get into The Fifth Season even after two tries. I’m curious to see what you think. And I love the cover of The Shadow Saint. Curious to hear what you think of that one too. 🙂

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  3. It amazes me how we can all have such different opinions, and then again, it doesn’t. I’ve mostly heard good things, so might give it a try at some point. I’m a sucker for a great cover. 🙂

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