Rick & Morty Vs. Dragons and Dungeons Review

Image result for rick and morty

Ebook, 96 Pages
Comic/ Sci-fi
By: Patrick Rothfuss , Jim Zub, Troy Little (Illustrations)
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 1/2

🌟 I did not know that this existed until I had a conversation with my friend Andrew and he mentioned it. I have yet to read anything by Patrick Rothfuss so I was excited for this as I love Rick and Morty. I also need to mention that D&D is not really a thing where I live and never was. I know it is important for many people but my knowledge of it is just through shows and books, I never played it.

🌟 The drawing was good and I really felt that I was watching an episode of the show but at the same time I realized that it works better as a show. There was a lot of dialogue bubbles and I prefer lighter things when I am reading comics. I think the idea was good and I would like to see it on TV one day!

🌟 The authors could capture the characters of Rick and Morty and the whole family! Rick is cooler and I think they were not fair to him in this comic as he is usually the smartest person in the room (or galaxy in his case!).

🌟 I still enjoyed this and I can recommend it for fans of D&D in the first place, especially if they like Rick and Morty!


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