The Fifth Season Review

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Paperback, 468 Pages
Fantasy/ Adult/ Dystopia
By: N.K. Jemisin
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œLet’s start with the end of the world, why don’t we? Get it over with and move on to more interesting things.”

🌟 This is my first pick for my book club “The Book Clinic” and after finishing it, I am so glad that I did choose it. I think it is a book that can be enjoyed by YA and adult fantasy readers, which was the main reason that made me pick it up.

🌟 This is my first novel I read by the author, I read her short story Emergency Skin last year and it was good but this was much better. I heard a lot of good things about this series and I guess I know why now.

🌟 This is one of the books that needs patience and the more you give it, the more you will get back from it. I think it is not a light read and it needs a clear mind to enjoy it to the max. I confess that I had some things going on in my life and I was reading this as a distraction which may not have been wise on my part. The good thing is that I read it with members of my club who intensified an already awesome experience. They made me notice things that I initially missed and wow, some readers are very sharp!

β€œWho misses what they have never, ever even imagined?”

🌟 The writing is good, the prologue was very magical and I knew from the start that I was going in for something very unique and different! The rest of the book had a more simple writing -still very good- and there are a ton of quotes that are worth stopping at and just losing your mind into. The author decided to write 3 POVs with one of them written in 2nd person, a very bold choice and a gamble that worked at the end of the day. I and almost all others who read this for the club had the same problem, the book was confusing at first with much info dump and alternating POVs which is too much at first but then gradually gets better and better and better! I don’t believe that the 2nd POV added much to the story but I ended up enjoying it and many others agree. I don’t know if it was the character that made it engaging or the storyline but it is a POV that grows on readers with every page.

🌟 The characters were well written, whether they are primary characters or not. Almost every character has a role in the story and then everything makes sense at the end. The book was diverse AF and I felt that this diversity was natural and not forced to check boxes and sell copies. It was simply effortless and part of the author’s writing style! I asked my club who was your favorite POV and it was really hard to choose one. I think it is going to be a tough tie between the three! Essun’s POV -which is written as a 2nd person POV- was very good but needed time to get used to, the use of YOU and YOURS feels like shoving it up your throat as a reader and it can be annoying it first!

β€œthink you hate me because… I’m someone you can hate. I’m here, I’m handy. But what you really hate is the world.”

🌟 The world-building may be the best thing about this book. There is too much at first but all answers are provided by the end (And new ones arise). There were 2 appendices at the end of the book that were really helpful, they help understand the terminology and seasons mentioned, I discovered them a bit late (around 30% of the story) but still found them useful specially the second one.

🌟 The plot is a deep one, because this deals with important topics and I have to agree with one reader who said that if you remove the fantasy elements, it is still an important story about privileges and racism and oppression of the weak! The plot twists were hard to expect for me. But did the euphoria the book gave me at the end raise my rating? Would I still give it the same rating if I did a re-read knowing all the secrets now and I think the answer is yes because this story is simply much more than a plot twist!

β€œThis is what you must remember: the ending of one story is just the beginning of another.”

🌟 Summary: A great book with a tough and shaky start full of info and confusion but patience is what makes it so rewarding! The characters and world-buildings were superb, the writing style and plot-twists were good too. I do recommend it for fantasy lover looking for something different, I am surely planning to continue the series soon.


  1. I was lucky enough to find the second and third books from a thrift shop. Definitely going to seek out the first one and try this series. Fantastic + thorough review and I’m glad to hear that the story + characters really pay off.


  2. I love this book! πŸ’œπŸ˜ I’ve been meaning to do a re-read – all I’m doing these days, I swear! – and you are so right about that prologue! It is downright magical, isn’t it? Just grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let up. But yes, you’re right, you need a clear undistracted mind and a lot of patience to read this. Yet, the thing is, that while that may count as a negative trait for other books, its rather a part of the charm with this one, you know what I mean? Sort of like your patience is so well rewarded at the end that you’re delighted to read it slowly. πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

    Great review! Hope you an awesome reading week. πŸ™‚ If you have time, do check out my latest creative piece. As a fellow reader, would love to know your thoughts on my writingπŸ’•. Leaving the link for your convenience.

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  3. The Fifth Season is really high on my 2020 TBR. A lot of things I’ve read make me think of The Themis Files which I loved – particularly with the info-dumpy scifi style. Great review!

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