January Wrap Up

🌟 January is over and it was such a hectic month worldwide with all kind of things happening. On a personal level, I got a medical scare (A False-positive test thanks God!), then I got busy training and I am now a certified -By the American Heart Association- Advanced Cardiac Life Support provider and I turned 24 last Sunday! I really hope February is a better month for the whole world. Book wise, I read a total of 16 books with an average rating of 3.54 🌟. These are the books I read:

1- Brief Answers to the Big Questions: 4 🌟


2- Metamorphosis: 3 🌟

1058052. sy475

3- Murder is Easy: 3 🌟


4- The Secret: 1 🌟

52529. sx318

5- The Bard’s blade: 4 🌟


6- Shadowblack: 3 🌟

Image result for shadowblack

7- The Armored Saint: 4 🌟

Image result for the armored saint"

8- The Fifth Season: 4 🌟

Image result for the fifth season

9- Come Tumbling Down: 3.5 🌟

Image result for come tumbling down"

10- Shakespeare Burning: 3 🌟

47676851. sy475

11- Clockwork Prince: 3.75 🌟

Image result for clockwork prince

12- Limited Wish: 4 🌟

Image result for limited wish"

13- The Last Smile in Sunder City: 4 🌟

Image result for the last smile in sunder city"

14- Beyond Redemption: 3.75 🌟

Image result for beyond redemption book"

15- The Alloy of Law: 4.25 🌟 (Favorite book of the month)

Image result for the alloy of law"

16- Embersoul: 4.5 🌟 (Beta-Read)

Image result for embersoul book"


  1. Wow you got SO much reading done, I still haven’t managed to get to Come Tumbling Down, it’s definitely on my list though. I might have to relisten to the last one because it has definitely slipped my memory! Congrats on all the books though!

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  2. Thanks! Actually the forth book is not related to the story, if you remember the first 3 ones then you can start it and much of the story is spent recapping so don’t worry about it!


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