The Last Smile in Sunder City Review

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E-ARC, 352 Pages
Urban Fantasy/ Adult
By: Luke Arnold
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œSometimes, the one who looks like a monster turns out to be a monster.”

🌟 Thanks for the publisher for providing me with an E-ARC of the book through Netgalley. That does not affect my review of the book.

🌟 I know some readers are excited for this one because the author is a good actor. I did not watch the TV series he plays in and I just read this because the synopsis sounded good to me and because the cover is gorgeous and has one of my favorite combos of colors.

🌟 The book mixes two things I love very much: Fantasy and investigation. I love those two genres and I read a lot of books that belong to either category but never both. This book combined the two categories and that’s why I was very excited about it. The word Noir kept showing around when I was researching the genre. I have not read “Noir” books before but it looks like this book fits the description.

β€œA cop was a cop was a cop. Like pieces of fruit; there’s good ones and bad ones but once you smash ’em into jam they’re all the same.”

🌟 The book follows Fetch Phillips, the human investigator trying to solve the case of a missing vampire. This is a super short summary of the book because Phillips have a past that he is not so proud of and we get to see that through flashbacks. There were many characters but most of them are not important, I was highlighting names and expecting to see them again but most of them appear only once, they provide an info and we move on, and that can be the case in an investigation story. Phillips is a morally grey character, he keeps reminding us of that too through telling which I thought was not necessary as we are shown it. I just expected a bit more from the characters.

🌟 The writing is simple but good, my kindle showed me that it takes less than 4 hours to finish the book and I did finish it in that time. That does not mean it fell short in beautiful quotes because there were plenty of those, I love this description for example:

β€œThe raindrops attacked the street like it was personal and wind pushed the water up at every angle, filling gutters, boots and eyelids.”

🌟 The world-building is my favorite part, I liked to see how the world is right now and how was it before, a few mythologies were explained and given the author’s own touch and I live for this kind of stuff, we were introduced to the origin story of Vampires, Sirens, Trolls and Dragons!

🌟 Summary: This debut was a good one with simple writing, few characters and great world-building. The plot is interesting although there was less action than expected. I loved how the book ended as a standalone but with the option to expand the story and continue as a series which I think was smart.

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