The Secret Review

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Ebook, 199 Pages
Non-Fiction/ Self-help
By: Rhonda Byrne
Rating: 🌟

β€œThere is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstances of your life can change!”

🌟 I kind of knew I would not enjoy this book and would find it silly. More so because I finished it during the same readathon I did at the beginning of the year with a book written by Stephen Hawking. Ironically, I got to read one of the smartest authors in the world with another by one of the… less smart?… authors in this world!

🌟 I wanted to read this because I remember when it came out, everyone were talking about it and reading it. My older brother had a copy and my younger brother (Who is not a reader) borrowed it to read it too (I remember he DNF it though lol). My community has a tendency to stay away from reading or reading not so bright books when they do so. I don’t like self-help books, I don’t judge anyone who reads them but I stay away from them because they have the overly positive and happy tone and they are as far as possible from reality, this is just a personal opinion of course.

🌟 This author claims that she found the secret of life, happiness, health and wealth and she is very generous as to share it with us through this book! The book talks about the law of attraction and how our thoughts govern everything that we do! I am not against the law of attraction or metaphysics and if you believe in them, then I am totally cool with that. I am more of a scientific person and I know that science can not explain everything. I do believe in metaphysics and spiritual things sometimes too.

🌟 My problem was with the way this was written, first the format was very crappy; it is just quotes from experts on the law of attraction without good examples, without good explanations or good editing. The book gets redundant very fast because it has one idea only and it keeps running in circles around it! The authors claim that the law of attraction is like any scientific law and that is something I find impossible to believe. Scientific laws are easily interpreted and measured and have their equations and they can be quantified! I can improve their is gravity and show you good examples of it. If the best you can do is giving me stories about people, then that is not enough to convince me, I can write a book like this and come up with such examples from the top of my head very easily!

🌟 Things that are alike attract! That’s what the book says and that if our thoughts have the right frequency then they will attract the things we want and the authors try to say that is a scientific law. Well, magnets with the same charge repulse so STFU! The second thing that made me roll my eyes was when they gave us an example of weight! The book claims that there are no such thing as diet effect, it claims that there are “Fat thoughts” and that fat people keep attracting weight. That’s why there are some people who eat a lot and do not gain weight, they don’t have those fat thoughts!!! Wow, so what I have learned in medicine school about metabolism and different kinds of fat is all bullshit? Okay, okay, I will go with the flow. The book mentions that you can’t attract a thing to another person but yourself, how are there “Fat babies” with hypothyroidism for example! Did they attract these thoughts with their underdeveloped brain or did their mothers do so? Oh they can’t do that, sorry!!

β€œYour power is in your thoughts, so stay awake. In other words, remember to remember.”

🌟 Summary: I think this is definitely a book not for me! If you want to find more about the law of attraction then pick up any book but this one! I think this one was too preachy and filled with silly eye-rolling moments. I am giving the book 1 star and I won’t feel bad about it, I guess the author attracted it after all! Not to mention that there are 3 more books in this series and not enough content for half a book to start with!

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