Murder is Easy Review


Paperback, 320 Pages
Mystery/ Crime
By: Agatha Christie
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

β€œTruth is seldom romantic.”

🌟 I am a big fan of Agatha’s works and she’s my go-to author whenever I want to pick up a mystery novel without thinking much. She’s also one of the authors I rate higher, mostly 4 and 5 stars! That being said, this book was okay, I did not get my Agatha dose that puts me into my usual euphoria!

🌟 What makes me happy every time I read her books is that she has a formula while writing. Their is an event at the beginning, then the murder and then we are introduced to all of the characters gradually and finally everything comes together and the mystery is solved. The English used is surprisingly easy to read for books that has been written a century ago.

🌟 Following the formula I just mentioned, the book opens with policeman Luke Fitzwilliam on a train and he sees an old lady who tells him about a murder that is going to happen. He does not give it much care until it happens and the lady is killed when he decided to take things into his hands and investigate it,

🌟 The characters were okay, there is something beautiful in the way Agatha introduces her character and then solidify them with backstories and gossip. I felt it was kind of missing this time and Mr.Luke was not as good as Miss Marple and not even close to the amazing smartest detective of all time Mr.Poirot! The way he approached the case was not as intriguing!

🌟 Add to all this mess, some extra romance that the book did not need and you will have the final version of the book! I really saw the romance and wished I was imagining things but it was really there and we could have done without it! I think it was just a way to provide closure to the story!

β€œNo one human being knows the full truth about another human being. Not even one’s nearest and dearest.”

🌟 Summary: I still think the book is smart and kind of enjoyable but I know Agatha’s potential and that she could have done a way better job. With mediocre characters, romance and a plot line. It is not the Agatha book that I would be recommending for people!

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