Charmcaster Review

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“Dwelling on all the bad things that didn’t even come to pass only makes it harder to celebrate that fact. Stop being so scared about yesterday—it only makes you forget to appreciate today.”

Spellslinger ★★★ 1/2
The Dowager Magus ★★★★
Shadowblack ★★★
Charmcaster ★★★ 1/2

I have a weird relation with this series, the books have not been as amazing as I thought they would be. But there is an addicting quality to them. I find myself remembering the characters and events of each book even though I don’t think about this series often. I started each volume without refreshers nor summaries because I still remember things and that is sure a good sign.

I did not know if I should continue the series after book 2, but book 3 had great reviews and I see why. The story is going in the right direction again. This volume was less of a filler than book 2 and it moved the main story a bit forward. The writing is smooth and very easy and the pacing is fast. This is why I am still continuing this, I sometimes need something fast and less serious with all the adult fantasy books I am reading and this delivers just what I want.

The characters are well written and Kellen’s growth is great! There are still moments when the characters are stupid and Juvenile, but the book is written for a younger audience so I am not judging it for that. There was some new characters as usual and old characters that have new appearances and the humor that is either a miss or hit for me.

This is the last time I am going to mention the magic system, I did mention it in all of my 3 reviews so far and I still insist that it has the potential to be a great hard magic system but it is not used and we have the same spells (or lack of) again and again. Unless the system gets better, I am just going to say it is still disappointing me in future reviews!

“Jealousy. Smells like regret only more bitter.”

Summary: While this volume was not a huge improvement, it was still a step in the right direction. I know some of the things I don’t like are on me because I am not the targeted audience but I am still going to read future volumes as a fast-paced escape!


  1. Ahhhh… I’ve been seeing this series pop up lately and I have book one in my cart. Now… I’m not sure if I want to If it’s not amazing… hmm…. 🤔

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