The Unspoken Name Review

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E-ARC, 464 Pages
Fantasy/ Adult/ LGBT
By: A.K. Larkwood
Rating: 🌟🌟 1/2

You frightened of ghosts? Whatever it is you’re scared of in the dark, that’s what you become.

The cover, the synopsis and early reviews all made me believe that I was going to read something very special! Unfortunately, I am not impressed by this debut. I wish I did but It was just acceptable for me!

I had 2 problems with the book, the writing which was too dense for me and affected all other things in the story and the characters who I could not care about and connect to. The writing reminded me of Tamsyn Muir’s style and my thoughts on this are similar to those on Gideon the Ninth.

I was very confused as why do people have tusks and why are Orcs mentioned. I did not realize that the characters were orcs because nothing gave me that feeling except that they had tusks, they felt very humane and I was embarrassed when I realized the fact that they are not. I think writing a whole race is more than just physical description and tusks. The beginning of the book was good but then I did not relate to Csorwe or any other character. The pacing was weird too because we get so much at first and it was very fast but then it got slower -I was even bored- and then picks up toward the ending again.

“The secret to greatness is to know when you should risk the wrath of god.”

Summary: I don’t have much to say about this book because I finished it but I can’t really say that I could get into it! The writing and characters were not for me and the world-building was good but not enough to make me continue it. I am woefully not going to continue the series.


  1. I actually think I’ll pass 😉 I read Grey Bastards recently, a novel with a similar basis, and had similar criticisms – so no need to repeat the experience 😄

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