Shakespeare Burning Review

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Paperback , 324 pages
YA/ Romance
By: Charisse Moritz
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

“Question. If I don’t offer the truth, is it the same as lying?”

🌟 The author actually contacted me and provided me with a paperback copy of this in exchange of an honest review! This does not change my rating or opinions on this one.

🌟 The author mentioned that she found me through my review of “The Boy Who Steals Houses”. That’s why my expectation were a bit different when I went into this and expected more of a contemporary feeling to the story than romance, but it was mentioned that it is mature romance in the request so I am okay with that.

🌟 The writing ranges from cheesy and edgy to good and lyrical! The book did have a shaky start because the language used was a bit weird and I did not think it was natural for teenagers! That was a small part though and things took a turn for better after that till the end of the book. There are cheesy moments and I think this is a natural in all romance books from my experience. The main character is called Shake LeCasse and yes, what you are thinking is true, he does quote Shakespeare multiple times during the book.

🌟 The main characters were Shake and Cleo. Shake has gone through a tragedy lately and Cleo is a girl who already has a little to start with. The dynamics between them involves many tropes, he is the hot muscular jock and she is the cute petite girl and we have to be reminded of that constantly! The other thing that irked me was how I did not feel Shake’s sadness as a raw emotion. I felt that the character felt obligated to have those feelings. I went through a lot so I need to act sad and be shitty to my friends. The characters are horny too because the first sexual act between them was very fast and early in the book and I had to read it twice to make sure I understand what is happening! That all being said, I think there is something addicting in the story that wanted me to read more and more and care enough about the characters to finish the book! I actually finished the 320 pages in a day and a half! So it was not a bad book at all.

“My misery is almost the same as masturbating. I’m ashamed of it, can’t help it and don’t want an audience.”

🌟 Summary: An addicting read with interesting characters but with added cheesy moments. There were many tropes but I still think it can be enjoyed by fans of the genre!

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