Beyond Redemption Review

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Ebook, 480 Pages
Adults/ Dark Fantasy
By: Michael R. Fletcher
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 3/4

β€œI was sane once. It was horrible.”

I have seen much praise for this book from almost all my friends who read it. I listened to my friend David’s Podcast with the author and decided that it was time to finally pick it up so I got myself a copy. You may want to take this review with a grain of salt because genuinely it is me not the book this time. I felt it did all the right things and yet I did not love it as much as I wanted to (I expected it to be a 5 stars tbh).

I heard this was one of the darkest books in the dark fantasy genre and that made me super intrigued. I then saw the glossary when I picked it up and I was so damned excited, most of the terms were familiar to me as a doctor who studied those mental illnesses in med-school, some of them were super rare and you only think of them as diseases in text books. I like the idea that those illnesses were used as the magical system (if it can be called that) and kind of a powerful thing to have rather than being stigmatized.

The only problem I had with this book were the characters, they were well written and I felt that but I could not make the emotional connection to them or as soon as I started caring about them, I would lose interest a couple of chapters after that. I think Dark fantasy highly depends on the characters, if I don’t care enough about the character then I won’t care what happens to them and that was partially the case here. That -and my high expectations- made me feel it was not dark as I thought it would be (mind you that it is still dark and effed up).

β€œA sane man is simply a man afraid to unleash his inner demons.”

But let me tell you about the world-building, It was simply *Chef’s Kiss*. It was so original and refresh and not like anything that I ever read before. The way it was written was so atmospheric and It was just a very dark and creepy world. The title of the book actually says something about it because I did feel like the characters were beyond redemption. It is not a light read at all so I recommend going in with the right mood for a book as this one.

Summary: I think this is a good series in the Dark fantasy genre and I know many will love it so I still think it is worth giving a chance. The prose and world-building were excellent. The characters were good but I wish I connected to them more. For the time being, my choice is not to continue the series but I am for sure jumping into Fletcher’s City of Sacrifice series because the synopsis of that one is once again amazing. I have the author’s books on my radar now and that should tell you something about my experience with the book.

β€œNo one loathed her more than she and thus none could truly harm her.”


  1. This is also something I’ve heard good things about and, much like you, I’m seriously tempted due to ‘darkest of dark fantasy’ moniker.

    Shame the characters kept it from reaching that 5 star :/

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  2. This sounds very intriguing, despite the flaws. The idea of mental illnesses as symptoms of magical abilities is nothing new, but I think this is the first book to incorporate it as a magical system πŸ˜€

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