The Black Hawks Review

Paperback, 425 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ Humor
By: David Wragg
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 3/4

“Don’t confuse the absence of immediate cruelty with kindness, highness”

I love Mercenary stories, I love the idea of a group of friends and getting to know these people and usually they have to be diverse and different for it to work. It takes a certain level of talent to achieve this and David had this level and did a great job for a debut.

Six of Crows, Never Die, Kings of the Wyld, Valley of the Free are all books with a group of people with a mission on their mind. This was similar to those books and I just enjoy this story line. The characters here were certainly well written, I think there are two ways to approach this kind of books: either gradually adding characters to the mix and getting to know them slowly as in Never Die and Valley of the Free (I prefer this approach) or there is a group already and then we get to know them as in this book and Bloody Rose. The book title is actually the title of the mercenary group that we are introduced to and they certainly grew on me as I was reading.

I actually picked this book for my book club for the month of February and the readers and I all agreed that part 1 was a bit confusing and hard to get into. The good news is that this part is short and that things kick off to greater and greater with each part. The writing is good and I loved the cussing and humor the book have. I would not say it is a light read because of the humor but it certainly made the atmosphere lighter, I would say that it was on the very light side of Grimdark Fantasy. The book has a certain depth to it so it kind of has a mix of everything.

The pacing is fast which is unusual for adult fantasy and I LOVED that, we need more fast-paced books like this. There was a ton of action and things kept happening and holding my attention. I also have to mention that the ending was perfect for the book (How dare you Mr.Wragg??!) and I need book 2 right now!

“Never fight fair, never spare a killing blow, never consider for a moment that what’s on the end of your blade is another, living, thinking, dreaming human being. Your enemy is your enemy, understand? You start playing the wondering game, someone will kill you.”

Summary: A good mercenary story with good writing, memorable characters, a bit dark but lightened by the humor and cussing. The book is initially hard to get into but the pacing is fast and the cliffhanger was great! Worth giving a chance!!

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