Docile Review

Is Love Possible When One Side Has All the Power? K.M. Szpara's ...

E-ARC, 492 Pages
Sci-Fi/ Adult/ LGBT
By: K.M. Szpara
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

“There is no consent under capitalism”

Docile is one of those books that is already controversial and will always be. You should simply try it to see if it works for you or not. I actually did not know what to expect when I got into the book but things are clear for me now! I saw this being compared to 50 Shades of Grey and I can see why!

The writing is very good and gripping, I think I finished the book in 3 days and I wanted to read more specially at the beginning. It did not feel like a debut writing-wise so I think the author nailed it from that aspect. The synopsis explains the story better than I can do so check it out if you want to know what the book is about.

The characters were also well written and very realistic. I did care about them although I know the author took the things to the extreme and exaggerated more than once.

The world-building is not that good, the author focuses only on a couple of main characters and the world around them but never fully expand upon the world-building! I think there were many questions I wanted an answer for and it was like the whole universe revolved around the characters he chose and the majority of the population was forgotten.

The plot line is weird. First I need to mention some trigger warnings like rape and drugs and a suicidal attempt. There are many graphic sexual scenes and that’s why it has been compared to 50 Shades of Grey! I thought the story is going to have more depth but it fell to many tropes and I think it really is Slave-fic! The line “There is no consent under capitalism” is literally about sex and I thought it was more than that! The pacing is all over the place because it starts okay with gripping story but then we have like 20 chapters that are each 1 page and the last part things take a different direction and it becomes a court-law story.

Summary: This was like a mix between 50 shades of grey and legally blonde! I think it had some strong aspects to it but that was on the account of other things! The book is controversial and the current rating is getting lower and lower than prior to release! I think you may never know until you try it so give it a chance!

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