The Lessons Never Learned Review

JA Andrews (@JAAndrewsWriter) | Twitter

E-ARC, 528 Pages
Adult/ Dark Fantasy
By: Rob J. Hayes
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/2

“Age is odd like that. The more years you have, the less you have left.”

To be honest, I was nervous while going into this one because I usually am when I read second books in trilogies due to the notorious Middle Book Syndrome. Contrary to the book title, Hayes does learn the lessons and keep improving his writing! I actually enjoyed book 1 a very very tiny bit more but that does not mean this one was any less excellent.

The story takes place after the end of book 1 and I think that was expected. Although book 1 does not end with a major cliffhanger, it can work as a standalone with an open ending and many questions left unanswered. This book helps expanding what we already know and helps tying some of the loose ends from book 1. Book 1 had a great impact on me that I didn’t hesitate to start this one immediately when I received it and I actually remembered many of the characters and events from book 1 when I did. These are all great things given that I have a golden fish memory regarding this kind id stuff.

The writing is as good as always and maybe even better! Hayes addition of the second POV came as a very good kind of surprise! The characters were as realistic as book 1 and we got introduced to new awesome ones, I really believe Hayes excels at writig characters.

The world-building in book 1 was also mind-blowing and I felt I was living in the pit while reading the book. This book expands the world building and we have a flying city but for some reason I felt more excited reading the first one. The magic is even more cool than book 1, and the awesome cover is not a catfish, we really get to see light swords and thunderous powers and cool magic!!!

Plot-wise the book has many twists and plots and I just was curious to see where things will be going. This book has a prophecy trope and that is one of my favorite things ever! The book ended with a cliffhanger and I immediately wanted to start book 3, the good news is that I got an ARC after that and read it and loved it even more than this one.

β€œThe world is founded on lie, upon lie, upon lie. But the truth is always there, just waiting for an opportunity to tear down everything we have built.”

Summary: This is a continuation of book 1 with all the great things in book 1 being expanded upon. I was afraid of Middle Book Syndrome but Hayes proved himself to be a great writer once again. I am not giving it a full 5 stars because I thought something was missing and I was torn between 4 and 5 stars so I went for something in between which I think is fair! If you are a fan of Epic/ Dark fantasy, do yourself a favor and read this one!


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