Blog Tour: We Ride the Storm

Paperback, 528 Pages
Fantasy/ Adult/ Dark
By: Devin Madson
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/4

β€œEven the smallest cog is important in the workings of a clock.”

We Ride the Storm has a very befitting title because it was really a storm going through this adventure of a novel. I have been interested in the book since the days it was self published and I am glad it got the recognition it deserves and got traditionally published by my favorite publisher with awesome new edits and an ass-kicking cover.

Madson can certainly write and I felt that she was was an author with experience. The prose is amazing with many quote worthy lines. There were many parts were I was just flying through the book and feeling all kinds of emotions.

β€œThe world does not wait. People do not wait. Nothing is fair. Some people fight all their lives only to die choking on a bean.”

The book has 3 main POVs which is something I like if it it is well done and it was well done here. Miko, Rah and Cassandra were all special in their own ways and I loved all 3 POVs, all of them had a peak and could make me care about them. Miko with challenging the current emperor and not wanting to be a slave of traditions. Rah and his soul-releasing rituals and weird clan and Cassandra with all the mysteries surrounding her and the witch doctor. I can’t pick one point of view and say it is my favorite because that would be like choosing a favorite kid of yours. All POVs had their peak and I was interested in all!

All 3 lines come together somehow and the plot starts to make more and more sense with each chapter. The book ends all POVs in a kind of cliffhangers which I liked and the next book is coming out soon so I don’t mind the waiting and I am so excited already.

The world-building is good, I mean different empires with different traditions. I just noticed that the book did not have an extensive magical system or world-building but it was great at the same time, evidenced by the fact that I devoured it and not noticed that!!

β€œDo not make assumptions about things you know nothing about. An emperor serves his people. The day the people serve the emperor is the day the empire falls. Remember that, Miko, if nothing else. War profits no peasant.”

Summary: A great book by a great author with the perfect mix of awesome pose, interesting characters and plot twists. I am definitely continuing this!!


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