The Unhoneymooners

Loving man and woman swing on a swing bench under coconut palm by the sea Premium Vector

Ebook, 400 pages
Adult/ Romance
By: Christina Lauren
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

“And I get it. As much as I hate him . . . I think I’m starting to like us.”

I have wanted to read something by Christina Lauren for a long time. I actually did not know that it was the pen name of 2 authors and thought they were one author. With the current situation, I wanted an escape with a happy book and a friend recommended this book so I was ready to jump in!

This book is compared to The Hating Game which is one of the most known and loved romance books with the trope of Enemies to Loves. and although I could pick some mutual vibes, I can say that the trope is kind of here but The Hating Game is still superior!

The book starts in a comical way with the food poisoning scene which was a bit exaggerated and sounded like a scene from a fantasy book but the rest of the book was great. The writing is very good, I finished the book in 2 days while I was working and that’s something for sure.

The characters are well fleshed and although they fell victim to many tropes in the romance genre, I enjoyed reading about them and I cared about them too. The plot is also simple but it was what I was seeking so I am happy that I read the book.

“When I signed up for this honeymoon, I had no idea it would involve so much nudity…”

Summary: I was in the mood for a light book that can make me happy and this book was that. The book has many tropes but I did not mind that. The writing and characters were good and I may check the authors other books in the future!


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