Imagine Me Review

Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi – MOKSHA DAVALOOR

Ebook, 464 Pages
YA/ Fantasy
By: Tahereh Mafi
Rating: 🌟

“Imagine me
master of my own universe
I am everything I ever dreamed of”

I should have not continued the series as soon as I read book 4 and did not enjoy it. I was not pleased with the ending of the first trilogy and so I was happy to see we were getting an extension and boy, I was wrong. My feelings whenever I saw the books of the first trilogy drifted toward the positive side but whenever I see the new books, I just have all kind of negative emotions.

This was certainly a downgrade from all the previous books, everything gets worse, characters, plot, world building! I think Mafi did an outstanding job in surprising me which is not an easy feat! Here is what I thought about the characters:

Juliette/ Ella: Screams and faints!
Warner: everyone’s POV: He is such a monster from hell, he is ruthless but soft inside
Ella’s POV: He has long eyelashes, nice muscles and green eyes!
Adam: I forgot that I exist in this series so let me appear in the epilogue.
James: Did I tell you that the poor boy is 10 years old 😦 ??
Sara and Sony: Finish each others sentences and diagnose all with coma.
Kenji: more like Cringy now
Nazeera: *Comes out of no where*: I have a plan.
Castle: Forgive and forget.
Winston and Brendan: <333
Anderson: She is perfect now!!

The writing is okay, I mean the books are easy to read and fly through but I felt that Mafi got stuck in the creative process and couldn’t come up with something new so she decided to come up with the trilogy and it shows. A lot of authors do that nowadays and I don’t think it was ever a positive decision to make. I felt the author was trying to please the fans and serving them what they wanted while ruining the good trilogy she already had.

Summary: I am disappointed with this series because it did not add anything new to the original story but it ruined it for me. I think everything went downhill after book 3 and I was really sad to see characters I liked change into characters I barely recognized (Kenji specially). The character growth that I liked in the first trilogy is deleted and we start from the beginning with two dimensional characters. I just recommend giving book 4 a chance and if it is not for you, stop right there and pretend you never read it!


  1. Well. That’s sad to hear. I didn’t read Defy me – mostly based on your, + friends negative reviews- but I meant to, once this one came out. Now I’m not sure. But then again, as an author, I know not to extend a trilogy just because readers want more. If you still have more to tell after the trilogy, pick another character and write a new trilogy with that other character as the main protagonist (it’s what most authors do too).

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  2. Yeah! I usually try to stay positive and see the positive things in a book but with this one it is quote hard to do so! That’s why I ma not recommending it to anyone 😦


  3. I completely disagree.
    I think Mafi upped her game entirely and that this new trilogy was written beautifully and personally evoked a lot of strong emotions. I thought the characters were so wonderfully created and the more of their initial story was revealed the better. The use of different perspectives made it even better and I believe that this series is amazing and I’m anything but disappointed.


  4. Well I am glad you did!
    I think many people shared my thoughts too and were disappointed. Just looking at the rating of the final book can tell you that (3.7 compared to 4.4 for Ignite me).
    But of course it is my opinion only and I respect yours 😉


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