Mini Reviews #9: A Storm of Silver and Ash/ Soulbinder/ The Kingdom of Back

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Ebook, 326 Pages
NA/ Fantasy
By: Marion Blackwood
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 1/2

I was very excited when the author contacted me to review her book. She told me it was perfect for fans of Nevernight and Throne of Glass, both of which I enjoyed very much! Maybe I had higher expectations upon hearing that but overall the book was good.

The writing is good, the world-building is okay too! These elements did not blow my mind but they were not bad at all! My problem was with the MC because we are supposed to believe she is the best (which is the case in most assassin’s books) but I actually thought she was all talk and zero actions! I could not develop the care that I was supposed to with the main character which affected my enjoyment of the book and which explains my current rating!

The book was action-packed which is awesome! I kind of expected the direction the things were going from the foreshadowing that we had but the book had a very good ending that made up for some of the things I enjoyed less! The book works as a standalone and I thought it was a standalone but apparently it is a series now and book 2 is coming out soon!

40031806. sy475

Paperback, 400 Pages
YA/ Fantasy
By: Sebastien De Castell
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5

I don’t have much to say about this entry in the series! I feel like I am repeating the same things with every book I review in the series! the good news is that it is improving once again and we got some refresh elements.

The book is still more appropriate toward younger readers which it is actually meant to be for so I won’t blame it for that and that was why I opted for a short review rather than a long one because you can check my review of the first 3 books and it is the same!

Simple writing, good character growth, funny vs. cringy moments! I don’t feel the characters are in any real danger! I still am curious so I am finishing the series…

34213299. sy475

Ebook, 336 Pages
Historical fiction/ YA
By: Marie Lu
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

When I started reading this book, I remembered why I used to enjoy Marie’s books so much! The writing at the beginning of this book is just superb! Marie is an awesome author who is one of the few unproblematic authors and that’s why I like reading her works!

There are many things that I am to blame for: The fact that this is YA which I am not interested in as much as before now! The fact that it is historical fiction which I am not a big fan of! The characters were good and prodigies (I read all Marie’s books and all her MC are prodigies) but this time I can understand that because it was not far from the truth!

I really enjoyed the feminist side of the book and ended up learning a few new facts about the Mozarts and I was really surprised by the fact that there were 2 musical prodigies!

The book is not as action-packed or dark as Marie’s other books are but if you are a fan of the genre or music in general then I think it is worth giving a chance!

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