Anxious People Review

Ebook, 352 Pages
Adult/ Contemporary
By: Fredrik Backman
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/2

“Boats that stay in the harbor are safe, sweetheart, but that’s not what boats were built for.”

I am a huge fan of Backman’s book and it is no surprise that Anxious People was one of my most anticipated books of the year and I am so happy to assure you all that it did not disappoint me. There is something magical about Backman’s book that I can’t explain. They just work so well for me and give me a huge dose of serotonin.

The synopsis is weird. I don’t know how to explain the story because during the story itself, the story will tell you it is a story about a bridge, but also about a rabbit. It is a story about a bank robber but it is also a story about a bunch of strangers. What I can tell you is that it is a story about humans, more like a human study as much as Backman’s other books are. I love how Backman always focuses on a group of people rather than one character and it is no different here. Initially we seem to have different pieces of a puzzle and as we progress everything falls into place until we have a beautiful final result.

I love the writing because it is a mix of humor with life experience without being preachy. It is very light while kind of discuss heavy topics so the mix is very efficient. There sometimes seem to be some spoon feeding which we could have done without as readers but it is something minor and did not affect my enjoyment or love of the story. From the first few pages I stumbled upon this quote and I knew I am gonna like the book:

“Sometimes it hurts, it really hurts, for no other reason than the fact that our skin doesn’t feel like it’s ours. Sometimes we panic, because the bills need paying and we have to be grown-up and we don’t know how, because it’s so horribly, desperately easy to fail at being grown-up.”

The story began by mentioning the characters jobs and not their names and it stays like that for a short amount of time, I even expected not to have names but then we get to know all the characters back stories and names and I got to like and root for all of them. The characters are really very distinctive and quirky which is something I like very much. The characters feel real and that’s why I always get emotional when we get down to business as usual from Backman’s books. The characters are all connected one way or another and that is something I think is very real. The world is a small village and this was an example of that. This is not a romance story by the way but it has very cute romantic quotes and moments and it makes my heart melt.

“He was my echo. Everything I do is quieter now,”

Summary: I feel this is a typical Backman’s story, if you read his other stories and liked them then this will most probably work for you, if they did not then this will probably not. If you want to start somewhere with his novels then this is not a bad place to start with. It is a poignant, touching story that will take you on a scale of all different emotions!

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