Kissing the Corona Virus Review

Kindle book, 16 Pages
Erotica/ Adults/ Short Stories
By: M.J. Edwards
Rating: 🌟

I read this because it has been all over my social media and as someone who works daily with the virus, I couldn’t say no to this!


‘What’s your name?’ she asked. ​‘Call me Covid,’ he said.

This was BREATHTAKING!! Quite literally.

This year I read huge authors like Sanderson, Abercrombie, Ruthfoss and others and yet I think this author writes on a whole different level. Prepare yourself for your next favorite read after you finish this one.

I don’t know where to start with this one but I think I will start with the cover, all great books have great covers & I think this follows the rule. We’re gonna ignore the fact that Covid’s left hand is not green because small details like that can be missed when we have an awesome cover as this one.

The writing is just magical guys, honestly this is unlike anything I have ever read. The author has great writing skills with awesome use of similes and metaphors. The book is only 16 pages long and I wanted more but the best writers can express themselves with the least possible words and this was a work of art in 16 pages.

“A shock of electricity coursed through her veins, eventually stopping as it reached her vagina. It was like she’d sat on a battery.”

“What was this feeling? ​A warmth, both inside and out. ​Bubbly, like cola, ran through her veins.”

There are 3 main characters: Alexa, Bob and Covid and they were just fleshed out and very humane (except for COVID). The way the characters were described makes them three dimensional in your mind, for example:

“Alexa had huge boobies, a thicc ass and nice legs,”

The author did not use Thick but THICC which shows the advanced writing skills he has.

“His strong brow. Piercing blue eyes. Supple lips. A wide jaw, like the trunk of a car. Bulky, thick shoulders. A flat stomach. A bulge in his trousers the size of a medium-length python. Legs. And presumably feet,”

Or here when we know that COVID has both legs and presumably feet!!

The plot is meaningful, we have Alexa who is a scientist trying to save the world and she is horny, she is so thrilled by Covid and their romance ensues.

“​It had been so long since Alexa had been with a man that the virus was the only thing she could get near to which gave her any sort of thrill.”

The scientific part was well researched, the virus had its spike proteins and the test tubes were mentioned (Even though we don’t use the regular ones for COVID but don’t be a nudnik) and down to the protective equipment they were wearing (or the lack of it).

Summary: This is just an unusual story that will spread more than the virus did if it finds the right audience. If you are a fan of the genre, don’t miss this book!

P.S: The GR author page shows a guy while the kindle speaks of the author as a she. It doesn’t make a difference. Still a masterpiece!

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