The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Review

E-ARC, 448 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: Victoria Schwab
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟

“Never pray to the gods who answer after dark.”

First of all I am very thankful for the publisher for providing me with an E-ARC of the book in exchange of an honest review.

It is no longer that I am a big fan of Victoria Schwab because she’s simply a great human and author. I loved her ADSOM series, The Villains series and even her Monsters of Verity series. I am planning to go back and read the rest of her backlist books but when I knew that I have a chance to read her upcoming book, I didn’t think twice and jumped right into it.

As usual, Schwab has the weirdest, most creative synopsises and the idea of a girl falling in love with the devil is something I simply couldn’t resist. when I got into this, it was a bit of a weird experience because it is unlike anything I have ever read by Schwab. I am kind of used to her mystical world-building and action scenes. This was kind of different!

“You know,” she’d said, “they say people are like snowflakes, each one unique, but I think they’re more like skies. Some are cloudy, some are stormy, some are clear, but no two are ever quite the same.”

The book starts kind of slow and I was a bit confused and did not know where things were going but at some point, everything felt into place and just clicked in my mind and I had an overwhelming wave of emotions crushing me because it was so good and it made me happy.

The book does tell us the story of Addie and we follow her through her life and see her growing as a character, and although I liked Addie and enjoyed reading about her, it was the story of Henry that really got into me. Simply he was one of the characters I related to most in my 5 years of reading books. The experience of just reading and seeing yourself in a book is not something you get to experience occasionally so I was just so happy when Henry was introduced and growed more and more. I do believe Schwab’s success is due to her character-writing skills and this time was not different at all.

The world building was not extensive because it takes place in our world but it certainly has the magical spark that Schwab’s has given us in her previous books. Mix this with the killer prose (I know it is either a love or hate kind of prose and fortunately for me, I do love it) and you get this excellent book. I was hesitant at first and a bit pessimistic after the fist few chapters but then this ended up being one of my favorite books by the author. 

“You are not capable of love because you cannot understand what it is to care for someone else more than yourself. If you loved me, you would have let me go by now.” Luc flicks his fingers. “What nonsense,” he says. “It is because I love you that I won’t. Love is hungry. Love is selfish.”

And if you were wondering about the devil romance then yes, it is there and it is not just a clickbait from the synopsis. Actually the devil was excellently written too. The plot takes a bit of time to develop but it certainly is there and certainly is good. The book works both as a standalone and I believe it could be extended into a series. (I have learned that it was a standalone after finishing it)
“But a woman must take responsibility for her own education, for no man truly will.”

Summary: Although this is different from Schwab’s other books, it ended up being up one of my favorites as it has the usual magical prose, world building and plot and most importantly characters that I would die for. The story takes some time to develop but it is worth it. The simple cover is kind of an abstract to what the story is hiding and although I wasn’t a fan of it initially, I do like it more now and I am planning of buying a copy when the book is released. And I am certainly waiting on my tiptoes for whatever Schwab comes out with next!!


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