The Midnight Library Review

Ebook, 269 Pages
Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/ Contemporary
By: Matt Haig
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

“Pressure makes us, though. You start off as coal and the pressure makes you a diamond.’ She didn’t correct his knowledge of diamonds. She didn’t tell him that while coal and diamonds are both carbon, coal is too impure to be able, under whatever pressure, to become a diamond. According to science, you start off as coal and you end up as coal. Maybe that was the real-life lesson.”

I was just so happy when I saw that this book is dedicated to all the health and case workers in the world. It made me feel special. Anyway, I think I am a bigger fan of Haig’s fiction than his non-fiction. I tried Reasons to stay alive but I thought it was okay. This was better in my opinion, had very important messages and it was more fun to read. I think I am going to be discovering Haig’s fiction books in the future.

The book is about a Midnight library that contains books and these books show us all of the possibilities that we could have lived. The protagonist Nora visits this library due to circumstances she’s going through, we get a quick glance about her life in the beginning and then we start getting to know her through all the options she could have lived. I think the idea is not new (Earlier this year I read Again Again which had a similar concept) but the execution was excellent. I think it is the best book with this concept that I have read so far. (A trigger warning for animal death at the start of the book.)

Haig’s writing is very digestible in this book and I think it is an adult book that can be easily read by younger readers. I have to confess that I liked the very fast pacing and short chapters because it makes it almost impossible to put down and you’re just curious to see what options we will see next and how it will end overall. That being said I think the overall message gets clear early in the story and the ending is not hard to guess but that does not make it any less important because that’s the best most positive ending in my opinion and we got that.

“And even if you were a pawn – maybe we all are – then you should remember that a pawn is the most magical piece of all. It might look small and ordinary but it isn’t. Because a pawn is never just a pawn. A pawn is a queen-in-waiting. All you need to do is find a way to keep moving forward. One square after another. And you can get to the other side and unlock all kinds of power.”

Summary: The Midnight Library is a sci-fi/ Contemporary story that has important messages. The book is fast-paced, short and it is a perfect quick read if you are looking for that but it discusses some heavy topics so take that in mind too. I liked the protagonist and the fact that she’s 35 and she’s still trying to figure out her life. The idea is very interesting and the execution is very well done. I do recommend it if you are a fan of the genre.


  1. I’ve heard some great things about this book, and honestly I’ve been wanting to read it. So, I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I love Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive, so I’m hoping I love this one too. Wonderful review, Hamad! 💚

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