The Lives of Saints Review

Ebook, 128 Pages
YA/ Fantasy/ Short Stories
By: Leigh Bardugo/ Daniel J. Zollinger (Illustrator)
Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ 1/2

Let’s just ignore the fact of how ugly the cover is and jump into the book itself. I should point out that I had been told that the blue part is like an external cover and is removed so the book is completely red and it is actually shown in the last short story in one of the illustrations as that.

Short stories like this are among my earliest memories of reading, I remember getting Aesop’s fables as a gift from my English teacher because I got a perfect score in that semester and I still have my copy of that. Short stories were very vital for my love of reading but now as someone who consumes novels on a daily basis, I find it harder to enjoy these short stories because they lack the depth that novels do. I think of those more like a delicacy that can be consumed in small bites when you’re bored. This books offers 28 short stories (Hope I counted right) and each one is 2-4 pages long so it is a very fast read.

The stories were not bad at all but as I mentioned above, I don’t think I will remember any of them in a year for example. Bardugo is a brilliant writer but her writing abilities are not shown in this simply because there is not much dialogue and character development. Most of the stories are created using the same mold. Someone does something to help the village and then they either become a hero or they are accused of dealing with the devils and are killed thus becoming saints of something.

I should point out that the illustrations were very good though and I think it was a smart idea to include them because the book would have been very bland and short without them so it was definitely an incentive to read the book just to enjoy those different illustrations.

Summary: I will always like short stories like those because of the nostalgia that they give me and because they are such light reads. I think Bardugo did as a good job as could be done for a book of this kind. The illustrations were beautiful and a smart choice. I know you all are gonna read it for The Starless Saint but don’t expect too much it is a very short story that won’t add much to what we already know!


  1. There is no connection between them. It is just like random folklore stories. Some of the saints are known to us from the main books like The starless saint and Saint Alina and others are totally new!


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