The Ocean at the End of the Lane Review

Ebook, 181 Pages
Fiction/ Magical Realism
By: Neil Gaiman
Rating: 🌟🌟 1/2

“Books were safer than other people anyway.”

Gaiman books for me are always like flipping a coin, it can be either a heads or tails with equal chances. This time the coin stood somewhere in the middle because I have mixed feelings about the book and hence my 50% rating!

Heads or Tails ? - GIF on Imgur

This was more like American Gods for me, I think I don’t understand Gaiman’s writing sometimes. I don’t mean like I don’t understand the story because I do but I feel I am missing the point, what is the story about? What is the main thing it is discussing and does it tackle important themes? The answer for me regarding this book was unfortunately a no! I can force myself to think of a few things like transmission between childhood to adulthood and the importance of memories. Am I really convinced? No! Because I feel a story should be clearer in that regard without thinking too much about it!

The writing itself, not bad. I enjoyed some parts and some parts were obviously trying too hard! Some analogies did not work for me like one of the characters unfurling herself like an umbrella! Some parts were intriguing and some parts were not.

I didn’t have strong feelings about the characters, I felt they were fairly written, I did not hate them but I did not love them too. The secondary characters were interesting enough. I should mention that there was a scene that made me really uncomfortable and I think it maybe the first time I say that in a review. Child torture is not just for me and not the scene that was mentioned in this book.

Reflecting back, I think the story is a magical realism one and I am not a fan of the genre. I went into this blindly and if I knew it was magical realism I would have skipped it and tried another thing! I just don’t like this mix of fantasy with the real world because it does not provide answers for many things which sucks for me and just adds up to the confusion overall.

“I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else.”

Summary: Unluckily this book was not for me, maybe it is me, maybe it is the genre or the weird plot but overall I was not satisfied with this as I wanted to. If you like magical realism and love Gaiman’s writing, there is no reason to make you not enjoy this one.

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