Ready Player Two Review

Ebook, 370 Pages
Sci-Fi/ Adult
By: Ernest Cline
Rating: 🌟🌟

This is gonna be a rant review because despite having low expectations, it still managed to disappoint me. Let me quote my friend Jonathan who said “Ooh, sounds like Player 2 was most definitely not ready.”

I think book 1 was definitely a much better book despite me growing as a reader and a reviewer and having read the 2 books with 600 books in between. I don’t like it when series get extended, because let’s be honest as we all know it is usually just an excuse to milk some extra money from an already successful franchise. The author tried something new with his Armada novel which was not a big hit so as most authors do he came back to expand his already established world.

And there is a good reason why I don’t like those extensions; They are not planned so the author has to come up with something new and try to make things from book 1 sound like foreshadowing when it is not ruining both books in the process instead of only the new book and that was the case here.

I am gonna stat with the writing which I did not find anything special with. It was not bad that I wanted to DNF the book but it was bad when it came to puns, when it came to women in general and when it tried to be preachy! I will touch more on this later in the review. Also the book suffered from telling rather than showing specially at the beginning when it was slow and we just had to take everything for granted.

The characters were a hot mess, I liked the main characters in the first book, I liked that Wade was a smart underdog who worked very hard to achieve his dreams. In this book Wade is an A-hole! He is abusing the power and wealth he has, he is mean to his friends and I felt that he was stupid when it came to solving the riddles. I was like who is this person and where is Wade from book 1?! Also the cloak that he had was OP and we had to be continuously reminded how it can basically do everything! Wade’s friends who are good people where kind of shown as stupid specially Artemis.

The plot continues after the ending of book 1 and out of nowhere we have new riddles and an adventure to ensue. I thought it basically tried to mimic the events of book 1 and it did so except that it did it worse. I did not feel the characters were in any danger and there was no competition like in book 1. The references honestly felt forced in this book and I did not get most of them to be honest.

The book sounded preachy and all-inclusive in a modern since of way. The main character had to tell us that he had tried sex in all forms and in all genders and that he doesn’t care about gender (kind of). When he goes through the memories of Kira and is using her body, what do you think the first thing he notices? Yup, her boobs *Face palm*

I also had Kira’s boobs, and her hips, lips, fingertips—all of it.

Then the book criticizes Tolkien at some point for having white characters as the good guys and dark ones as villains. And I don’t know what the point was there because a whole adventure in middle earth follows that! Was it trying to make both supporters and critics happy? I don’t know! I just felt it was awkward!

Summary: This book succeeded in disappointing me although I had low expectations. The writing felt weak, the characters went through a developmental regression and everything else felt forced. I think it is game over for me with this series!



  1. Oh, it’s Wade and Artemis again? I kind of expected it to be new players and them probably making a cameo appearance. Guess I won’t read it then because I don’t want to ruin my experience from book 1. I had a lot of fun reading “Ready Player One” and the way book 2 sounds I better pass on it. Thanks for your review!

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  2. well I was kinda intrigued in reading this book after loving the previous one but day after day I’m convinced I shouldn’t pick up this book and preserve the good memomories I have of Ready Player One

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  3. I just finished the audio edition (narrated expertly by Wil Wheaton again) and it left me disappointed, I had loved RP1, but this book felt like toxic-nostalgia. While it wasn’t bad, it certainly didn’t capture the magic of the first book.

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