You Deserve Each Others Review

Ebook, 368 Pages
Adult/ Contemporary Romance
By: Sarah Hogle
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 1/2

“Relearning you has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

You Deserve Each Other has been getting all kind of glowing reviews and my friends fell head over heels for this contemporary romance story. The story is a lovers to enemies to lovers according to the synopsis and this sounded even more epic than the usual beloved trope of enemies to lovers!

Do you know all those boyfriend vs girlfriend prank videos all over social media that people tend to love very much for reasons I can’t understand. I felt something similar about this book! Basically Naomi and Nicholas Rose are engaged and they are falling out of love and they are trying to force each other to break the engagement so that they don’t get blamed and also don’t have to pay the non-refundable wedding bill.

I love Enemies to Lovers, I like slow burn romance with angst such as The Hating Game, The Unhoneymooners, and Beach Reads! I was just not convinced of the whole situation here. I haven’t seen many guys reviewing this book but I saw some reviews from gals who felt the same as I did. I felt annoyed more than once at Naomi, the protagonist who we have the whole story from her point of view. I felt sorry for Nicholas because he genuinely was nice and was trying his best to do good things and improve himself and yet Naomi kept being cynical to him.

“I’m a miserable cynic (a newer development) and a dreamy romantic (always have been), and it’s such a terrible combination that I don’t know how to tolerate myself.”

Look at the above quote, I mean she literally confesses that and that she is intolerable!

The writing was smooth, I can’t deny that the story is addicting, I kept wanting to get back to reading the book whenever I put the book down. I can’t say that I was expecting something shocking because where the story is going seems to be clear from the start. It is just that the way it was written was exciting and that’s definitely a plus for a debut!

I know the kind of relationship in the book does exist in real life because everything exists in real life. But the thing is much of the book was built upon miscommunication and that’s a trope that pisses many reader as far as I know! Once again, here is a quote from Naomi confessing that so you don’t say I am imagining things:

“Our communication has been so shitty, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

Summary: I wanted to love this book more than I actually did but some of the execution choices were not up to my taste. I can’t deny it has an addicting quality though and the last 100 pages were so cute and made me happy which is usually my goal when I am reading a book of this genre! I think it is worth giving a chance for fans of the romance genre!

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