The Girl in the Tower + The Winter of the Witch Review

Ebook, 384 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: Katherine Arden
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/4

“There are no monsters in the world, and no saints. Only infinite shades woven into the same tapestry, light and dark. One man’s monster is another man’s beloved. The wise know that.”

This year I have read a few series that starts good and get better and better with every book in the series and this is a very good example of that. This is mostly a review of book 3 with a bit about book 2 but the series as a whole ended with the expectations that I had for it when I first started it and I salute the author for that.

The Bear & the Nightingale starts interesting, around the middle it is a bit slow and then it picks up the pace and the action again. The Girl in the Tower has a second half that is much more interesting and faster than the first book and finally, The Winter of the Witch picks up the good pace where book 2 stopped and keep going up till the end of the series.

I like Arden’s prose, the books are some of the most atmospheric books I have ever read and that’s why I recommend reading them in a colder weather if you are planning to because that would just enhance the experience. The writing is easy to follow and understand and that’s why I find it hard to categorize this into YA or Adult Fantasy but no matter what category it falls into, I think it can be enjoyed by all readers and I really did see both the YA and Adult communities read and love it.

“The more one knows, the sooner one grows old,” snapped the domovaya”

The world building just keeps growing and I like the Russian vibes it had with all the mythologies and folklore it features. The first book in the series had little magic but it just kept getting more awesome with each entry.

The characters are also included in the above mentioned growth. Vasya is a character that keeps growing literally and configuratively through the series. There is a lot of characters that we say goodbye to in this series and I think the ending is bittersweet but it is very fitting for the story. I couldn’t think of a better alternative!

“I have been running through the dark, trying to save all who have need of me. I have done good and I have done evil, but I am neither. I am only myself.”

Summary: This year I have been blessed with many series that keep getting better with each book and this was one of them. There is an improvement in writing, in characters growth and in world-building with each book. There are scenes that i remember vividly still from book 2 & 3. The books are very atmospheric so be sure to read them in Winter if you are planning to.


  1. Great review! I just finished my reread of The Girl in the Tower, and was reminded how good this series is! Need to reread The Winter of the Witch soon!


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