Blood of Assassin’s + King of Assassin’s Reviews

Blood of Assassins (Wounded Kingdom): RJ Barker:  9780316466547: Books

Ebook, 416 Pages
Adult/ Dark/ Fantasy
By: R.J. Barker
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œWe are cursed to be the sum of our deeds, black as they may be. They are like an arrow: once the shot is made, there is no escaping the consequences.”

Blood of Assassin’s is what I wanted Age of Assassin’s to be. While I thought the first book to be okay but entertaining, this entry takes the series to a higher level. The story follows a time jump a few years after the first book and I believe that gave time to the characters to grow into better ones.

The writing is dark, the prose is beautiful and I would not ask for more than that in a novel of this genre. I have to confess that some parts were boring in book 1 and still in book 2 but definitely more interesting and written with more experience.

The plot had some tropes, I feel like every book with a student/ master relationship follows the same outline so I found this to be predictable. Like book 1, there was a mystery element mixed into the story that makes you curious to push throw and with the addition of more action, it made it an intriguing read!

The world-building gets some expansion too and although I am still not the biggest fan of the magic system, I accepted it more in this book. The moral ambiguity made up for a few things I did not like in this series. So overall, it was definitely a good read and if you liked book 1 then you will most surely like this one more!

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Ebook, 416 Pages
Adult/ Dark/ Fantasy
By: R.J. Barker
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 1/2


Every single review I saw regarding this book said that it was the best in the series and I am happy to say that I strongly add my voice to all those reviewers. King of Assassin’s was an epic finale to this trilogy and once again, Barker stepped up his game with this one.

The writing is gritty and poetic as usual, I just loved how the chapters were divided with the Interludes between each few chapters and those interludes were just my favorite part in the whole series.

There is another time jump so we have adult characters in this book and I think this series is for adult readers and the adult characters are much more fitting for its atmosphere. Speaking of which, I liked all the changes and risks that the author took. We have a bit of a different geographical setting for this one and the addition of the menagerie made this even darker! Girton is finally not childish and I don’t wanna punch him in the face, on contrary, I wanted to hug him by the end of this series!!

So in short, there were many great changes in this series including a time jump, a new city, new mysteries and still cool action scenes, I finally grew to like the magic and the characters are much more likable! This is just an excellent finale and I wouldn’t have asked for more!


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