The Second Wave Review

Ebook, 18 Pages
Sci-Fi/ Erotica/ Adult
By: M.J. Edwards
Rating: 🌟

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This review contains adult material, advance with caution

I am amazed by the way the authors brain works. When you release a book like Kissing The Corona Virus and it gets much success, it becomes challenging to release the next book in the series (I mean we were all surprised by this expansion). Book 1 currently has 1400+ ratings and an average rating of 2.46 stars, of those there are 374 five stars (and more than 700 1 stars but we’re not gonna be negative -unless it comes to the corona tests-). Rothfuss and Martin have been making us wait for years but Edwards released the second book only 7 months apart from book 1!

Since I started my review book 1 discussing the cover, I am gonna do the same here. I just wanna know who the cover artist is because I am gonna commission them to do my book cover one day (Notice how Covid’s hands are both green which means the artists is always striving to self improve).

The book title is The Second Wave and I think the title is so smart just because it happens to be the second in the series (In your face Ready Player Two). The Story follows Dr.Kelly Cauldron, a top Orthodontist who has been chosen to vaccinate people against COVID or else she would be sent to prison. So you can’t help but empathize with her (That and the fact that she is horny). I think it is best going into the story without knowing much because the experience would be much better then so I am gonna leave it at that!

Dr Kelly Cauldron sniffed the hotdog into her vagina, filling herself up with the fat sausage which she’d kept warm all morning in her thermos flask.

With an opening line like this one, you know the bars have been raised (Lowered?) and the story as is hot as it can be!

The writing is as good as book 1 and the author uses many writing tricks and tools that make it a masterpiece as expected.

“She’d take the vaccine from the refrigerator, cooled to the perfect temperature, and then she’d coolly inject it into them using a needle.

The time she nibbled the nipple of a housewife

burying his face between her breasts like they were Grandma’s raspberry trifle.

Look how she used the words Cooled and Coolly in the same phrase, the same goes for two similarly sounding words of Nibbled and Nipple. Grandma’s raspberry trifle is on a whole different levels.

You are probably thinking is it as scientifically accurate as book 1 and I can assure you it is as accurate as you can expect from an erotica author! There were a few things I noticed like taking a double dose of the vaccine won’t change you into a sexy blue man, an esophageal rupture is actually a medical emergency (I will leave it to your imagination as to why a rupture is mentioned) and vaccines are given IM not IV but there were 18 whole pages so I guess it is only natural that some things would be missed!

Summary: I couldn’t have asked for a better sequel and if this does not convince you to take the vaccine then I don’t know what will!!

QUIZ TIME: Can you guess what the following terms mean?

Delicious meat tube


Pink pocket


Kelly’s Private Palace


  1. I‘m still not sure if these should be considered five stars for excellent satire or one star because I can’t laugh about the virus. The character depth is outstanding, though 😂

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