The Light of all that Falls Review

Ebook, 880 Pages
Epic Fantasy/ Adult
By: James Islington

โ€œItโ€™s not enough to fight for the right side. You have to figure out how to fight the right way, too. If winning is truly all that matters, then weโ€™ve lost sight of whatโ€™s actually right and wrong in the first place.โ€

The Light of all that Falls is probably the most complex book I have read up to date! As I said in my review of the last book, this is a series that is best binged or read as close to each other as possible. I actually read book 3 less than a month after book 2 but I think I still missed a lot of details!

My biggest criticism for these books is the naming, I think the author chose many similarly sounding words (Aelric, Aelrith, Alaris, Alcesh, Alita, Ana, Andrael, Andras. Aniria for example of words that start with A) which was not really necessary. The plot is complex and it involves time traveling and shape shifters and characters with multiple names so keeping up with all of this was very hard and all those similarly sounding things made it even harder for me -A guy who depends on visual memory- a torture to keep who was who in mind.

The writing was good and I just appreciate Islington’s writing the more I read of it. I specially like the descriptions and the dialogues which are realistic! The book is a huge one, almost 900 Pages but I think all of those were needed. We kind of got the ending in the last book so this was more of an explanation of what happens and how it happens. The Epilogue is probably the best epilogue I have ever read and that alone puts the story on a whole different level!

Summary: I think this is the kind of series and finale that needs patience and commitment. The more you give it, the more you will receive from it! Everything was as good as in the last two books so if you enjoyed those, you will like this one. For me, it was more complex and kind of hard to follow. I think I would like to reread the whole series one day and focus more while doing that and I am sure then it would end up being a 5 stars and I will catch many things I missed in my first read through!


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