A Storm of Shadows and Pearls

E-Book, 320 Pages
New Adult/ Fantasy
By: Marion Blackwood
Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

I was provided with an E-book by the author in exchange of an honest review last year and unfortunately I could not get to the book earlier but I am glad I finally did. This is the second entry in “The Oncoming Storm” series which apparently has 7 books now. I am happy readers are liking it and allowing the author to write more books.

So this follows the events of last book after a year approximately. When a whole new civilization sails right into the harbor, the oncoming storm finds herself in a lot of trouble and is targeted but she does not know by whom.

I feel like I stand somewhere in the middle when it comes to the story, the writing for example, is easy to follow and the chapters were short and I like that. However, I don’t think the first person POV is a wise choice for the story just because the protagonist sometimes says not so bright things and she does not want to get into more trouble but she wants to satisfy her curiosity by getting into all kind of problems.

The characters were okay for me, I think Liam is my favorite and he is having an existential crisis in this book. The Oncoming Storm and Shade did not progress much in this story which kind of irks me because I know they have the potential to do so. I like the idea of having different guilds and masters for them because not only it enhances the world-building but it makes the story more exciting and open all kind of possibilities. the Oncoming Storm belongs to the thief guild but I think she does more killing than stealing and she should have been in the assassin’s guild in my opinion. The second thing I did not like was when she decides to kill two innocent people to save her friend fully aware of the facts that they are innocent. I don’t think that makes her morally gray and it makes her rude and mean!

The plot was enjoyable but it felt kind of similar to that one of the first book. There was also the problem of repetition from the protagonist getting unconscious to her plunging into water. Threatening her with her friend too. The dynamic between her and Shade also struggled with the same problem.

The world building is good, as I mentioned above, I am a fan of the guild idea but I still wanted more and I expected to see more of the elves since they seem central to the story and I believe we will get that in the next books.

Summary: I think it was a good book overall but I would have focused on the details a bit more. I feel this kind of had a second book syndrome with the potential to get better with the next books. I don’t think I will be continuing the series not because I don’t think it is bad but because it is too long for me right now and I may change my mind in the future and decide to do so!

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