Truthwitch Review

Paperback, 412 Pages
YA/ Fantasy
By: Susan Dennard
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 3/4

“Sometimes justice was all about the small victories.”

I am reading less and less YA series these days and most of the fantasy books I read are adult fantasy novels now.  I had an e-book of Truthwitch for a few years now and my friend gifted me a paperback of it too. I still did not find the motivation to read it until Azrah picked it up for my 10 readers, 10 recommendations challenge. 

I am actually surprised in a good way, I think if I read the books a few years ago, I would have enjoyed it even more. The writing is easy to navigate and I think getting used to adult books make this easier to read. The prose is good and there were a fair number of quotes that I did like.

So the book is not very original and there are many tropes but there is an addicting quality probably due to the fast pacing. The plot is mainly a chase and run one. A lot happens in the book but at the same time it is mostly just revolves around the same thing which is catching the truthwitch Safia. The series is 5 books long so there is still a plenty of time to expand the plot. 

I have mixed feelings about the characters, mostly my feelings are toward the positive side but the glaring problem is that I found the main character Safia to be stereotypical, kind of flat and not interesting compared to the other characters. Iseult, Aeduan, Merik were all characters that I cared about though.

💉 Safiya: Truthwitch which the book mostly revolves around and every one wants her to be on their side. I was simply not convinced by this. The world has all different kind of witches with a diverse set of powers. A truthwitch sounds like something politically helpful if she was the only witch out there but I think when there are witches who can manipulate steel and fire and wind, then as a ruler I would prefer to have an army of those over a truthwitch. Safiya herself goes to explain how overrated she is in the book where she says:

“It is powerful,” she acknowledged. “But it’s not as powerful as people think—and lately, I’m learning that it’s not as powerful as I think.

Powers aside, Safia herself has an insta-romance which is not a surprise in YA novels  and I am not gonna expand on that. The thing I liked however is her platonic relationship with her friend Iseult which was so wholesome. And to be more fair, I didn’t root for Safia but I don’t think she is annoying which is a common occurrence in this kind of novels. 

💉 Iseult: Threadwitch which is someone who can see people’s emotions. Iseult’s abilities was a smart way to not only tell what the characters were feeling but literally show it. Iseult herself was well written, strong and she cares about the people around her. I smell a budding romance between her and another character and I am here to stan. I loved the chemistry between her and Safi, I don’t think it had sapphic vibes which some people did.

💉 Merik: Windwitch, I guess it is self-explanatory what his powers are. Merik is a prince who really is ready to pay with blood for the sake of his country and people and I love that. Merik seems to be in a lot of stress in the book which makes him grow throughout the story. I am also a fan of his threadbrother Kullen.

💉 Aeduan: Bloodwitch, he is kind of the villain in this book but at the same time he is a very complicated character. I think he is my favorite character so far and if I am not mistaken, the third book in the series is called Bloodwitch which is probably his books and I am looking forward to it already.

The world-building is not extensive, we are not given much about the world itself and I had to fill many of the spaces in my head according to how I felt the world is. The magic system is the thing that surprised me most because I didn’t expect it to be as cool as it is. As I have mentioned above there are many different kind of witches and they are all unique in their own ways, even among witches of the same type. There are witches who can control steel, water, fire, curses, blood, sight and more. Since the book is fast paced and there is a lot of action, we get to see many of the magical aspects in action which was definitely good.

“Those who win wars are those who write history.”

Summary: Truthwitch was a good YA book that is well written and addicting. The prose is simple, the characters are interesting enough (except for the main character which is a bummer) and the magic system is cool. The plot is not complicated but it is fast-paced and full of action. I am definitely continuing book 2.

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  1. Great review! I’m hoping to reread this one sometime soon, before the release of book 4!


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