Sightwitch Review

Ebook, 224 Pages
YA/ Fantasy
By: Susan Dennard
Rating: ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

โ€œWe value things more when we know they wonโ€™t last forever.โ€

I am going to keep this review fairly short as this is a novella and I think there is not much to say without spoiling it. I also seem to be liking this less than everyone less did. Looking at the reviews after finishing the book made me realize that maybe I should have read it after I finished book 2. I just went to GR and saw that it was a prequel and numbered book #0.5 so I read it before reading book 2 which may have affected my overall enjoyment of the book.

I think the story itself is interesting, maybe I was a bit confused by the journal and dream things but I got used to it after a few chapters. There are two timelines which make it even more confusing but the real problem in my opinion is that it was a bit too long for a novella in my opinion and I started losing interest at one point. I usually say that novellas are too short for my taste but this felt too long and I rarely say that.
I just preferred the plot in Truthwitch and expected more action and drama as in the first book!

Ryber and Kullen are good characters, I did not have such a strong connection to any of them but they were certainly not bad characters. I think I will like them more when I finish the next books in the series.

Summary: I think Sightwitch is a good novella with a good plot and characters. It was a bit too long for my taste and I think I recommend reading it but only after reading book 2. I am reading book 2 soon and hope this will give me an insight that other readers did not have when they read it.


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