The Body in the Library

E-book, 191 Pages
Murder Mystery
By: Agatha Christie
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟 1/2

“No innocent person ever has an alibi.”

I keep mentioning that Christie’s books are my comfort reads. I was feeling a slump on the horizon and so I immediately picked up this book and voila, the slump went away.

After reading more than 15 books by Agatha, I just know that I prefer Poitot’s books to her other detectives; he is not only the smartest, the most bizarre and the funniest but he’s actually a detective! My problem with Marple’s books is that the narrative is separated between a detective or two in addition to Miss Marple so that does not give her the chance to shine as Poirot does!

This is a shorter novel and the story begins with the death of a young lady in a library and then the story rolls from there. I prefer how Poirot approaches the death scene and how he interviews all the people involves because not only it makes the story more intriguing and harder to guess but it also gives me as a reader an idea about those characters and how they think and what could be their motives!

The writing is still good and I love how cheeky Agatha can be, she self inserted herself into the story when one of the characters mentioned loving detective novels mentioning herself in the authors he read and loved! Miss Marple is also always making comparisons to the weirdest events in her hometown which I find sarcastic too!

Summary: I am more sure than ever that i prefer Poirot’s novels but Marple also has her own shine. I think you should try both to find out who you prefer but at the end of the day both have a murder and are intriguing stories! I did not discuss the plot because it is a short one and I don’t want to go into spoilers, it was such Christie’s own take on the body in the library trope!

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