WWW Wednesday #124

This is hosted by Taking on a World of Words & we basically just have to answer the 3W question which are:

🌟 What are you currently reading?

Amazon.com: Bloodline (Cradle Book 9) eBook: Wight, Will: Kindle Store

🌟 What did you recently finish reading?

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Breach of Peace : Daniel B Greene : 9780578840772
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🌟 What do you think you’ll read next?

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The Humans: Amazon.co.uk: Haig, Matt: 9780857868787: Books

🌟 What about your lists? Do we have anything in common?
Are there good books that I missed this month?

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  1. ‘The Humans’ is great, but don’t listen to the audiobook version in the car with the kids – turns out that’s a lot of swearing for what I mistakenly thought was a kid’s book! I’ve got Tom Allen’s latest on my TBR pile – not sure what to expect really, as I can never decide whether I really like him or that’s he’s trying far too hard!

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  2. I am not so good with audiobooks and I don’t have kids haha so it won’t be really a problem but I hope it is good!
    I think there were some places in the book where I did feel he was trying so hard. I will check your post now!


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