Knight’s Shadow Review

Paperback, 624 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy
By: Sebastien De Castell
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œWords matter. Without words you can’t have stories and without stories we would never have heard of the Greatcoats.”

Knight’s Shadow takes place after the events of book 1. This was better than the first book because I felt more familiar with everything and it added something to the first book. The characters are the main reason that makes it a great read.

The writing is good, I like that it is easy to read and that it is fast paced which makes it an addicting read. This book was actually longer than I thought it is, in fact it is the longest book in the series according to the number of pages in the paperback copies that I bought.

Flacio, Kest and Brasti are definitely unique characters and I like how they all were very distinct and amazing in their own way. Falcio who is the narrator is still my least favorite out of the trio which is a bummer but he is still well written so I can live with that.

There are new characters and there are some revelations about characters that we already know and I think that was great. I wanted more of Brasti because there is never enough of him and he had some awesome moments in this book which makes me happy. I also have to mention that I am not buying one particular romance in this book.

I don’t know if I can discuss the plot without spoiling this book or book 1 so I am not gonna do that. I just believe this is more polished and it is darker too. I am afraid that it is going to become repetitive somehow (I faced that with the author’s other series) and I am not a big fan of those moments that fade into the background and we don’t get the action that we were waiting for.

β€œHe’d told me the world could be the most lovely place you could imagine, so long as your imagination was fueled by love.”

Summary: Very enjoyable, fast, dark and humorous read. I think it was a step up from book 1 but I am rating them the same for different reasons. I love the characters but the narrator Falcio is my least favorite of them. I liked the plot but some things could have been done better which is why I am not giving it a 5 stars rating. I am very excited (and a bit anxious) for the sequels.

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